Ethical Hacking panel (NIMk)

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Streaming of the "Ethical Hacking" panel @ Bibliothek - Oct 19, 20:00

From NIMk:

 On October 19th, 2011 the Netherlands Media Art Institute will host the panel
 "Ethical Hacking" as part of its exhibition "The Art of Hacking".
 Speakers in the panel will be Rop Gonggrijp, Karin Spaink, Patrice Riemens and 
 Heath Bunting. The discussion will be held in english, streamed, recorded and 
 moderated by Cecile Landman and Jaromil.
 The importance of technological developments in the digital world has grown to a
 tremendous relevance for  our societies, a phenomenon that hacker communities
 did foresee since some decades. Meanwhile hackers worked to develop ethical
 codes of conduct in dealing with technology, especially when socially relevant.
 Nowadays it may be so that the most striking conflicts revolving around access
 to information, media and technology take place because the controling powers
 show to be deaf to ethical concerns that hackers put forward.
 With this panel discussion NIMk presents a passionate and actual debate around
 these issues, offering a first hand perspective from voices that have
 significantly influenced the Dutch hacking scene and beyond. In fact it is
 right in the Netherlands where, already back in the 80s, hackers where very
 active in developing what has become a worldwide network, knitted out of cables
 and ideals.