Envelope holder

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Envelope holder
Envelope holder.jpg
Gestartet: 2020-01-18
Involvierte: User:ripper
Status: completed
Beschreibung: Lasercut thing for envelopes found at various places around Metalab
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2020-01-19

What is this?

Usage of certain equipment at Metalab like the Lazzzor and the Vinylplotter needs to be paid, either for usage time or for material costs. For other equipment like the 2D printer and the Prusa 3D printer it is expected to make a small donation to cover material cost if you use it a lot. Therefore holders glued together from parts of laser cut plywood for the individually printed envelopes are placed there.

Holder vector files

You need to cut the following files out of 4mm wood:


Holders are designed for C6 format (162x114mm) which can be printed with the Konica Minolta printer but only in landscape orientation, with the envelopes inserted as shown in the picture (if they should be oriented the right way):
Printing envelopes.jpg

The files (tested with Libre Office Writer) are below: