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The DRAMAmat project

  • is an internet enabled popcornmachine
  • consists of:
    • a Raspberry pi
    • a Wlan-stick
    • a relay and a little circuit to connect the raspberry pi to he relay (this consists of a transistor, a diode and a resistor)
    • a nokia 5110 display with blue backlight
    • the biggest button ever.

The Raspberry Pi uses fetchmail to get mails from its mail account.

This mailaccount is subscribed to both the internal and the public metalab mailing lists.

Everytime a mail with [drama] in the subject is received a script is triggered that displays the subject, from, date and which list on the display followed by a blinking DRAMA! tag on screen. Than the big red button starts to glow in HAL9000 style.

When you come in the morning and the machine is blinking and displays that somthing dramatic happened on a mailinglist, you can simply press the button and get yourself a bowl of popcorn before taking a seat and opening those (entertaining) threads in your mailprogram.


.. I will cite a sample mail from our internal list here (auf deutsch du schnitzel!)

Return-Path: <intern-bounces@lists.metalab.at>
From: cygenb0ck <cygenb0ck@...>
To: "Interne Metalab Liste (members only)" <intern@lists.metalab.at>
Subject: Re: [intern] 29c3 stellungnahme JUHU!

super, ich halt mich brav zurueck und schreib extra nicht "popcorn" ...

2013/1/2 overflo <flo@...>

    das ist zwar imho noch kein richtiger flamewar, aber das bekommen wir schon noch hin.

    danke für die mitarbeit meine lieben!



  • Overflo - all the things. software, hardware, OS, design..


Link to github goes here

Schematics? -> nah its too simple.


not yet.