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Some private notes I have made.
*disclaimer* - there are a lot of errors in the text. Please fix them for me :).


Peter asked him to come out. Sharing stuff about Australia. About 3-4 people have been in Australia.

He has got a software background(Apple II, If you don't have video games you have to make video games.) Played around with electronics(for example Arduino). Hard time transition from software to hardware. Three years ago involved in building a hackerspace. Working at a company "Freetronics"(Showing their own Ethernet-Microcontroller-Board)

Australia is 15k kilometers far from Austria. Tells us that Australia is huge. Some established hackerspaces(about 7) with their own space, about ten or more are just regular meetings.

CCHS in [Melbourne](http://melbourne.org) he calls it "Melbourne Hackerspace". Playing with hardware there(building [repraps](http://reprap.org), Michaels 3D-Printer(Giant) on eevblog #520. Steampunk Goggles with LEDs and some opensource mesh-networking hardware. London Hackerspace has got a spaceship simulator, idea was brought to melbourne too. 3D-Printed "v8" engine(has to do with australias culture)

[Make, Hack, Void in Canberra](https://twitter.com/cmrn) nice design on wall. moved to [lake area ](https://twitter.com/brendam) - a lot of workshops (Quatcopter Building, arduino workshop) -- costuming(8 foot tall [@dev_dsp](https://twitter.com/dev_dsp) rspace marine warhammer custome) -- computer vision nerfgun -- pedal powered cinema -- Homebrewed beer, automating it, tomorrow is international homebrew day -- automated nyancat video -- [Adam](https://twitter.com/dev_dsp) modifyed roboflower -- Building UAVs, contributing to opensource, competition between UAVs with dropping water-bottles

[Robots & Dinosaurs in Sydney](http://] -- Sydney Hackerspace -- "DIY" Wool-Spinning-Hardware, Rocket competition -- The FlightScythe(Long exporsure photos of led-plains)

East Gippsland Makerspace -- Most hackerspaces are in capitals citys, its kinda small but special, population of 11k people, makerspace, exclusive focus, doing kitds workshops, metal working(welding), art courses -- great places

[The Artifactory, Perth](http://artifactory.org.au) -- his favourity hackerspace, drive a very long way to get to -- doing noise music, TEDx Perth Steampunk stuff, high voltage music instrument, modulating different frequencys to modulate, connecting it to midi

Australian Challenges:

  • pretty anything would kill you
  • property bubble in australia(Melbourne Median vs. Average Wage) -- high rents for hackerspaces
  • population is not city centered
  • australia has got strong safety laws, peoples trust is different to europe(Australia is beyond common-sense)
  • scociety is different, some laws are also more restrictive


  • Politics / Hackerspaces is strong in europe, in australia its not so strong(it has got some, but not that much -- but stuff like cryptoparty started there, differences between makerspace and hackerspaces
  • Organization Chart(Non Strictly Hiearchy?)

Common Challenges:

  • running a hackerspace
  • dear council stymying hackerspace -- tell me of your plans to become innovative city of tomorrow
  • [DRAMA]™ -- Biggest flamewars cause hiearchy concepts(everywhere are flamewars)
  • mices to pieces by the sea the sea concepts of diversity, metalab seems to be more diverse than some other spaces - he think diversity is importan

make hack void started from a linux mailinglist, telling us the white/male/rich problem, "People say they don't really belong to here"

Come Visit! Artifactory has got a "Hackers in Residency"-program

artist collective in the middle of australia working with native