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The owner of ARC-Computer sent us a couple of DECT devices for free!


  • 2x Dosch & Amand Com-On-Air PCMCIA Type II cards
  • 5x Dosch & Amand Com-On-Air PCMCIA Type III cards
  • Dosch & Amand Basestations
  • 5x Freepads (see the Freepad Projectpage)


The guys from Dedected were able to build a linux driver for the Com-On-Air PCMCIA card.

Right now, only Type II cards are supported.

They are working on Type III card support.

SVN access to their DECT project files:

svn co dedected
dect_cli with a Com-On-Air Type II card

Com-On-Air Linux Driver project

The Com-On-Air Linux Driver project.

Project aim: 'Linux driver for the card including a minimal DECT stack and userland utilities' Allows you to:

  • See the DECT base stations in your area (kismet plugin provided)
  • Record calls (Disclaimer: Do not record calls of other people, without their explicit permission. This is not allowed in most parts of the word.)