Creative commons 2008-08-26

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Creative Commons

Photo by Guillaunme Charriau

Who: Jamison Young,
When: Tue., 26.08.2008, 19:00
Where:   at Metalab, Vienna, Rathausstr. 6

Jamison Young visits the Metalab to talk about how musical artists can use
Creative Commons and other issues around copyleft of music.

After his talks he plays some music.

Jamison Young is a singer-songwriter from Australia/Czech Republic.
His song "Memory Child" was used in the The X Files: I Want to Believe.

Sketch out of the lecture:

  • Issues that relate to AKM, why artists in Austria are better off to transfer or to join ASCAP. what is consequence for the artist of a transfer.
  • How sound recordings are different to author rights. Why artists with AKM can't make their songs free. What are the solutions, is there a middle ground.
  • How to use a creative commons license? Is it possible that creative commons license be used if the artists is with AKM and if they are using a creative commons license, is this going to effect the license.
  • Myspace/youtube and the effect of the artist agreeing to terms and conditions that allow their content to be free, yet on the other hand being with AKM or AKM equivalent. Why AKM is going to sue the user of a creative commons license, yet not youtube or myspace.
  • Should members of AKM be able to use a free license. The difference between the artist and the musician, why creative commons is the key to a more efficent media.
  • What license an artists should choose and why a creative commons license that allows comercial use is a better choice. The truth about the business models around Creative Commons.
  • The effects of competition on rights management in Europe, without the artist contract being changed to agree with a similar contract to ASCAP.
  • Understand that i'm not a lawyer and this is all obviously science fiction and people should find the truth out for themselves, as the truth is out there.