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Blender Workshop at Metalab

Saturday, 29th June 2019

Start 19:00

Workshop topics

Blender 2.80 Fundamentals

We will have an introductory look at the basics (Interface & Navigation), and we'll do so in the new and highly anticipated Blender 2.80 major release, which features tons of improvements and simpler workflows - especially for newcomers!

If possible please install Blender 2.80 on your laptop before the workshop, available here: (It is currently available in beta - which is already very stable, no worries - but will likely be officially released by the time of the workshop)

Hard Surface Modeling

Building on the basics we will look at various techniques for hard surface modeling, that is: How are human-made, precisely shaped and designed objects re-built in 3D? Think of eg. device enclosures, furniture, cars, buildings, etc.

Open Q&A

As the conclusion we'll open up the agenda and look into everyone's interests and questions, giving quick hints and guidance for further study and work. If there are enough experienced users in the workshop audience we can also split up into smaller guided groups to look into special interest topics and exchange know-how.

Are you interested?

Here you can optionally sign up to help with planning - you can also just come by though!

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