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torpor is a condition we all feel at some point in life, and i aim to prove it. ;) Torpor_X is a username I am forced to use because the robot administrator of this Wiki won't give me my old user ID back! :P


- Assembly, C/C++, python, SDL
- Embedded systems: ARM, MIPS, ppc, x86, AVR
- Synthesis: Analog and Digital, but predominantly DIY platforms (ASM1/AVRSynth, etc)
- MIDI Sequencing and Control (I am to build the anti-DAW)
- Games platforms: GP2X, GP32, NintendoDS (not so PSP friendly, but only because Sony is a bitch I need less of in my life)
- OpenMoko hacking and bashing
- SoundBite DSP platform
- Coldfire 525x platform, etc.

Contact me for:

- Discussions @ MetaLab regarding Synthesis, Electronics, DIY/Hobby production techniques
- Bicycle adventures in Vienna
- Learning German

Background: Long-lost Australian living in Vienna with my family, Deutsches-sprache unverantwortlich .. is my playground