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torpor is a condition we all feel at some point in life, and i aim to prove it.  ;)


- MOAI - Assembly, C/C++, Lua - Embedded systems: ARM, MIPS, ppc, x86, AVR - Synthesis, Synthesizers - Music - Field Recording and Artistic Capture in the 21st Century: mikme - MIDI Sequencing and Control (I aim to build the anti-DAW) - Games platforms: GP2X, GP32, Pandora, Pyra, &etc. - Dumpster diving: computers, old electronics, we should DO-NOT-DESTROY these. - Stickers: got your NSA Monitored Device? Todo: DO-NOT-DESTROY. - Resurrection of old/uninteresting computer platforms into new, very-interesting computing platforms (see above) - Personal favourite of the golden era of 8-bit: Oric-1/Atmos development/expansion/hacking - RC / Model / Planes .. microflying devices, mini-drones, flight dynamics of planes derived from junk - Kline Fogleman Airfoils - while(build()&fly()&crash) { smile(); }

Contact me for:

- Discussions @ MetaLab regarding any of the above - Bicycle adventures in Vienna

Background: Australian living in Vienna with my family