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torpor interests:

- New cool shit? - Assembly, C/C++, Lua - Embedded systems: ARM, MIPS, ppc, x86, AVR - Synthesis, Synthesizers - Music - User Interfaces Minus a lot of Fluff : MOAI - MIDI Sequencing and Control - Alternative Games platforms: GP2X, GP32, Pandora, Pyra, &etc. - Dumpster Diving (*-not the food kind): computers, old electronics, we should DO-NOT-DESTROY these. - Gardening - Bicycle adventures in Vienna - Micro-Sailing: "Puddle Duck Racer Builders-Club, Vienna" When?/Where? - Stickers and Graphic Arrrt - Retro-Computer Revival: Oric/Atmos, Amstrad, C64 - RC / Model / Planes: Self-Production, Assembly, and Flight of Kline-Fogleman Airfoils - while(build()&fly()&crash) { smile(); }

I am happy to hear your thoughts.