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One idea of a dogfight action game for Super Gamedev Weekend, in a dozen flavours

Stay Dry

You're playing a bee that has to fly around and avoid water drops shot by wasps.

Ivory Tower

You are lvl 60 mage in a fighter plane and your task is to defend the guild's Ivory Tower.

Evil Office

Collegues are attacking your remote controlled mini-airplane. Time to sharpen your pencils.

Weird Dreams

John Lennon has order you to board and control the yellow submarine an epic battle against the Green Giant's emperial navy.

Dangerous Jokes

Emperor Willhelm II has made a bad joke about His Majesty George V. Get ready to board your classic WWI fighter plane and kicks those bloddy huns in the nuts

Black & White

It's 1928 and you are the pilot of the camera plane that Howard Hughes himself boards. Impossible air stunts, simulating the greatest air battle of all times and a director who's gone mad. All for a lousy black and white movie.

I Can't Do This Without You

You and your wingman been captured but I escaped and now the two of you have to fly home in your WWI machines through enemy territory.

Don't Touch My Junk

Seen that movie with the kid who was turned into a fly? Well, just happened to you. But it's getting worse, other flies are starting to fight against you over a pile of shit.

Tear It Down

Your mission in you space fighter is to take down a giant battle ship, watch your ass for enemy


Julian A. is sending you on a secret mission, you have to fly to all hackerspaces and mobilise them for a war on capitalism. Watch out for TSA agents who want your nuts.