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Project Abandoned

Having recently moved away from the bloated Chromium browser and happily using luakit since then, never looking back, I advise you to give it a try!


This bug/misfeature has been reported for ages. After saving some media locally, Chromium/Google Chrome webbrowsers display a download bar at the bottom of the screen, which persists until clicked away manually by the user. One official way to get rid of it by keyboard shortcuts is to open a download history window [Ctrl-J], tabbing to 'Clear all' [Tab][Tab][Enter], and closing the 'Downloads' tab [Ctrl-W]; this has the nasty side effect of purging the download history.
How would you like some easier way of doing this?

Chromium Clicky - chcl

Unannoy Chromium's/Google Chrome's download bar in linux. CHCl3 is the chemical formula for Chloroform. Thus 'chromium clicky - chcl' is Chloroform for the download bar.

This tool (hopefully) warpes the pointer to the 'X', clicks button one and restores the pointer's original position, reclaiming precious screen surface by hiding the download bar.

TL;DR: close the download bar with a keyboard shortcut.

Other Uses

  • unselect previously selected text
  • switch focus from flash plugin back to browser after watching videos on youtube etc... so you can close the tab or scroll with the keyboard again
  • open/close facebook's chat window
  • xlock and unclutter don't seem to go too well together; when the pointer is hidden, xlock won't lock... chcl to the rescue!

Awesome Window Manager

This is the configuration line I use in Awesome WM:
awful.key({ modkey }, "c", function() awful.util.spawn( "chcl" ) end),