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about me

to be done...

meanwhile, see User:RedTux (WP:DE), or have a look at or LinkedIn: Pablo Hörtner.

redtux@marx:~$ finger redtux
Login: redtux                           Name: Pablo Hoertner
Directory: /home/redtux                 Shell: /bin/bash
Office Phone: +439913113136
On since Tue Aug 30 15:07 (CEST) on pts/1 from
   1 day 2 hours idle
Last login Wed Aug 31 16:04 (CEST) on pts/0 from
Mail forwarded to # Exim filter
## All remaining mail goes to my Inbox! ;)
save Maildir/
No mail.
No Plan.


online communication

I prefer XMPP for online communication!
Please, do not send me any HTML-Mail and/or MS-Office attachments. :-)