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Owner of an Ultimaker 3D printer. Besitzer eines Ultimaker 3D Druckers.
Actively trying to investigate & communicate aspects of advanced atomically precise manufacturing (APM)

mechadense (ät) - (inactive)
at (dot) gmx (at) suess (dot) lukas <- invert order

Interests: (alphabetically)

  • 3D printing - programming matter
  • advanced atomically precise manufacturing (like outlined in the book: "Nanosystems")
  • art - if it is not too subtle - especially when it arises through densely packed functionality
  • bouncing as a mass sport (spring-stilts / 7leagues boots)
  • certain creative animes
  • elegant coding - Haskell
  • fascination - the feeling
  • inventing & tinkering
  • lucid dreaming - not metaphysically interpreted
  • new technology in general
  • philosophy - randomness - limits of math
  • (space colonization)
  • trance techno music
  • (transhumanism)