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More than I can remember, both inside and outside the metalab. As usual, I have more plans than I can follow up on, and the list and priorities are constantly changing, and I'll probably never talk to anyone about most of the things I do, but this wiki page is an attempt to change that at least a little bit.

See my site for links to links to some things I worked on.

I'm currently messing around with Microcontrollers, Ethernet and a relay board.

I used to (still am, but less so than before) be somewhat involved with IRCnet, NetBSD/pkgsrc and Xinutec as well as a couple of IRC channels and Free Software projects.

I'm sometimes interested but not necessarily knowledgeable in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, writing software, reading software, human languages, programming languages, socializing, understanding group dynamics and people, cooking, ... (I realize this is rather vague but if you're actually interested just come talk to me).