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Elk Darkshire

Hello thar.
I'm Alex also known as Elk, 21 and currently living in Austria.

I was informed that there'd be an Event at the Metalab,
which I didn't know about before so I might check it out.

My interests are spread widely, but mostly in the creative area.
I like playing Piano, duduk, martial arts, sports, singing, entertaining,
swimming, napping/sleeping, drawing, science, reading, complex languages,
gaming, traveling and much more, you should simply get to know me.

I refer myself to the Pixelartists/CG Artists,
even though the potential of creation in other forms may be there.
Some older stuff can be found here

So what I do:

Game Design/Analytics


Skype: deokishisu
Fakebook: ElkDarkshire

More to be added in the future, I guess.