aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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I don't understand this black magic!
User:amirBuilding a DIY e-guitar in PacMan style|

eest9It's a little bot which does stuff with data from the austrian government.|

User:Pepi, User:Leyrer, User:PhillebIt's a Flipdot display which is located at the Vienna Airport "Schwechat"|

User:Amir, User:Sonstwer, treelanguageCreate a nice|

eest9Ein Kunstprojekt für die Easterhegg und PrivacyWeek|

queltos, HettiBuild your own virtual machine for MOS development using Vagrant|

Nico, NiniDisplay departure times of nearby public transport.|

Burnoutberni, Juli, Min, you?Temporäres Bällebad im Hauptraum - Maximal Belastung 5 Personen (research pending)|

eest9zentibelIt's a little scanner which does scan books to check them in/out.|

User:ripperIt's a thing in the kitchen where you can buy tasty instant ramen|

User:ripperLasercut thing for envelopes found at various places around Metalab|

ripper, EisbaerlikePVCdome but made from metal|

overflopoi with leds|

User:JoaKA game for a HP7475A pen plotter|

User:UberhaxlorUser:hmwUser:m68k and othersOn premises Smarthome stuff for the Metalab|

anlumoSolar power for Metalab camps.|

User:zoff99Videoconferencing Tox node|

N/Amobile camping gas cooker|

Binary Kitchen, anlumoSolder challenge not for the faint of heart|

overflo,LoungeMQTT-Broker inside Metalab-LAN at tcp://|

ripper, anlumoIf you turn it on light comes out of it!|

overflo + lots of helpersartsy fartsy blinky thingy|

User:m68kUser:havillandMicrosoft/Samsung Surface 40 Touch table|

ripperAltbautüren vor dem Serverschrank!|

User:m68kEin Parkplatz als Grätzlgarten!|

Fixing, Securing and updating Metalab Services|

User:ripper, User:ente, User:cubeiButton-Authentification für die Drehbank|

nioram, meksInternet of actual shit.|

You? User:M68kcontrol the Yamaha AV system, our Moderately Huge Screen and projector using a web page.|

User:phaerUser:m68kUser:redplanetUser:overfloA general purpose information display for your legacy TV.|

User:anlumoUser:m68kUser:ripperUser:phaerUser:hettibox which changes banknotes into coins|

User:overfloA Dome built from PVC elektro installation pipes.|

nioramControl the Blinken|

LeyrerLeiwandVille - the relaxed village provided by the funny Austrians of Metalab [¹]|

redplanetUser:agrippaniniWe want beer.|

User:RedplanetEin Theaterstück, basierend auf den Metalab Mailinglisten|

ryn, Mondie10 years of Metalab, time to celebrate|

User:ripperMake the Metalab Logo in 3D for Metal 3D printing|

pepiIt blinks, it's bright, it's the Metalab!|

User:ASPI Programmierer|


User:PhaerUser:m68kUser:PkUser:JackieIt's a custom-built remote control interface for our cheap Chinese HDMI switches|

User:RedplanetIt's a table display card which describes a few things about Metalab|

OE1WKL, OE1KFR, PKVNA (Vektorieller Netzwerk Analysator)|


ESP8266 Summary Page of Metalab|

Lots of peopleRauchfreie Lounge Renovierung Datum: 23-26.04. Couches 28.04.|

Hobbes, User:NameWir brauchen mehr Power!|

Pepi, Moritz, Christian, reox, Albert, Mind, luto, Sonstwer, leyrerRewire ALL the networks|

User:AmirMake Art - Wherever, Anyhow|

User:OverfloHowto make SMD stencils|

Various ArtistsDocumentation of our Moderately Huge Screens|

User:zwaxpancake making robot!|

User:m68kserver used by the local 3d graphics evaluation community|

User:plIt's a little backup device which does backups.|

PepiGrow your own Waterslide of doom plant, it eats insects!|

User:pl & User:hmwOld couch-table is broken, so we are going to build a new one.|

Werner Reiter, Joachim Losehand, User:philleb, Benutzer:LNico, User:You?Arbeitsgruppe Urheberrecht im 21. Jahrhundert (ur21)|

User:phillebDie Illuminaten sind überall(LOL). Darum erarbeiten wir eine Lizenz, die Illuminaten ausschließt.|

anlumoBlinking Metalab Logo Board|

User:Nameanzeige von gegenwaertigen metalab events und dessen raeumlichkeit|

well, like, everyone?mate plants to make mate tea!! treat them with love and respect.|

Moritz, mzeltnerTemporary network storage inside Metalabs LAN|