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IM: vierlex äht jabber .metalab, at

mails: alexander-sulz (komisches zeichen( gmx (p.unkt) at


  • all kinds of and everything that has to do with (mostly digital though): games
  • cooking.
  • stuff.

mad ideas

  • ExpressCard/56 Dummy als Schachtel für SD Karten 3D printbar
  • seifenblasenmount fürs fahrrad
  • repairing my game boy.. oh the nostalgia
  • cleanONLYme CNC cut tray for my bread cutter machine
  • codename Flüffins: mobile CarBattery-powered Oven
  • Nerdbörsel
  • what can you do with a MPU (9150)
    • LameLight, a poi head which blinks according to a IMU chip, for juggling
    • Very Low Orbit Meteor VLOM, throwing toy with very bright LEDs and a camera flash
  • making a "level editor" for dwarf fortress
  • SEVERAL game ideas..... no; i won't put em here.

currently working on

(in no particular order)

  • wake up room a personal automated lighting system (currently prototyping dimmer only)