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!This site is outdated! !pls delete!

Metacade Version 2



  • Ubuntu 10.4
  • Wahcade 0.99pre8
  • M.A.M.E. v0.139 (Aug 5 2010)


  • change X to use either s-video or dvi/vga (depends on which output device)
  • config mame, wahcade
  • fix wahcade problem with getting list of the all games
  • fix Panel
  • fix door (maybe an new system - opening to top)
  • fix coinslots
  • make a new gamelist
  • more Emulators?
  • MPD?
  • vnc-read-only to view/stream games
  • self-build amplifier
  • new top panel (simular to fridge)


  • red667 - trying to find time to do it all