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Task ideas

The following ideas are presented as a list to be discussed on the jour fixe prior to arrival of the group. All agents will require central accomodations in Vienna to make the most of their stay. The group proposes to work mainly during hours when the lab is not too busy, and always in collaboration and discussion with someone from the lab who can "sign up" time for a task.

Entrance Area as Light Space

  • Ceiling

The entrance area has been worked on as demonstrated by Philip at the Charette; principally, the idea has been executed as a white opaque plexiglas ceiling that becomes a surface of colored light veins. We propose that we continue working with light as concept for this space:

  • Empty and full crates for ClubMates etc are proposed to be used as light filters

Agents Mint Cream and Azure propose that they can work in this area, fixing lights according to a certain system and design. They need one metalab'ler to discuss the ideas prior to their arrival. Estimated work time on site: a few hours.

Other suggestions to be discussed:

  • Use of chalk (glow in the dark and others) on the walls to leave messages. This will lighten up the walls, make messages appear especially at night, etc., and works with the overall concept of the room.
  • Lockers for personal belongings and jackets will be found over time and placed where appropriate. Agent Pink Panther is offering her expertise in space planning to help allocating a good space for lockers in future and/or present, as they should not clutter any space but be functional.

A possible task regarding the coat hanging system is to install a coat rack in front of the door to the Kicker room (Arcade). This could serve the concept in two ways: 1. Walking "through coats" to enter the arcade will enhance the phonebooth effect 2. Also serve as a sound buffer.


  • Where and when and how is the technical tract
  • What about security: any thoughts? Interesting for us because it could become part of a space solution.

Hallway (Vortex Corridor)

CNC cut stencils (boards of different materials: styrofoam, metal, MDF, etc.) will be produced endlessly by students of architecture locally. Contacts and delivery system will be provided by Stealth. These panels are also proposed to be used in the window bays, for instance, as this provides a level of simply controlled view screening to the street (and insulation). The screening to the street is necessary to be used to transport the message of the metalab to the exterior, rather than blocking sight completely by cheap means.

The light space (entrance) will continue into the corridor to link the two spaces for navigation puposes. The lights can be installed behind the screens (protection and hiding) and also any control panels (button, switches) can be accessible through the cutouts in the panels (also protected from uninteded touch by bywalkers drunk). Light system possible to be motion sensitive - it is a simple system, and should be timed very fast so they immediately turn off when a person walks along the corridor, there are 3 lights minimum that go on in succession as the person walks along.

All agents will cooperate on this mission and can provide a drawing if it needs clarification. Metalab'ler required who is into contol panels, buttons, lights, etc, as well as anyone who is interested into RFIDs because this will make the main link for provision of panels.

Main Room

  • Convertible furniture arrangement and storage will be thought up whilst there, drawings will be made for this by Agent Pink Panther who will provide expert knowledge of possible future solutions, as well as working with what is there. Rubbish system and other sytems will be coordinated by this agents, working together with the light crew.
  • Sol Le Witt like painting that exists could be extended as a system.

see and comment

  • libary entrance

double wall to be inserted so library becomes soundproof. In between space to be fixed with a pole that can be used to stack all chairs if not in use. All agents ready for a day of work


  • fabrics:

Main point of discussion: Agents are ready to purchase cheap, fireproof fabrics in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and deliver it to the lab. Budget mentioned and approved by metalab is 2000 Euro, not to be spent on fabric only, but partially. XXX: Enki says: Buying fabrics for a few 100 eur is okay. But 2000 Eur total budget has not been approved, but only set as a top limit for the total budget. We certainly need to discuss at a Jour Fixe before any further large purchases!

To know how much fabric should be bought and haggled for next week, we need to know:

  • dimensions of the couches and other furniture that will get a set of covers made especially (Agent Lavender will have access to an industrial sawing machine in Vienna and will focus on the production)
  • any other areas that you would like to have textile for?
  • table:

we can construct simple table that becomes a good couch extra. Agents Lavender, Mint Cream and Azure. Proposed picture to be uploaded soon of possible solution.


To install a functional ventilation is not a priority of our action, but as there are plenty of ideas, let's discuss this as part of the design.

  • Lounge
    The lounge is the official smoking room. Ventilation by opening the windows in not always practical. Proposal could be to install a proper ventilation tract from the lounge via the corridor through the happylab into the courtyard.

In all other areas, it seems sufficient to open windows.


instead of resin, we propose a simple tarp paint. Details can be discussed if approved by

  • Lighting
  • Furniture:

workplaces/desks attached to wall (legless) storage/shelving: machine room with specific shelves for toolboxes happy/chemistrylab with 10 cm deep shelves for smaller equipment.

  • Step

to get out of the building for trash, it is a primary task for agent Mint Cream to make a step that also integrates the drawers from tables existing in order to store equipment.

  • Welding curtain price check for part of the budget.


  • primarily for main room
  • controlled by DMX


Hallway describes the corridor that joins the entrance with the main area. Decoration or usage concepts for the long aisle between entrance and main room:

  • Extension of a dynamic lighting system from the entrance area to visually "draw" a line to the main room
  • Enhancing the effect of a transformation tunnel
  • System for panels that could be used to create a second skin in the corridor:

Panels are produced for laser cutting and 3d milling in architectural models; architex can develop multifunctional double skin system that can be built upon by metalab over the next few months. Materials for these panels differ (styrofoam, MDF, wood, metal, etc.) and will be provided for free from other architex (wasteproduct, see above)

Who are the architex from Kentucky

12 interior design and architecture students from the College of Design at the University of Kentucky on a semester abroad program in Europe. "Base camp" is Berlin.

Ben, Chelsea, George, Jennifer, Jamie, Sarah, Lena

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Arcade ... amusement arcade, tabletop soccer
WhateverLab ... electronics, robotics (formerly known as HappyLab)
Machinery ... mechanical part of WhateverLab (bench vice, drilling, welding, lathe,...)
Chem ... chemical and photo lab
WC ... toilets
Bar+Küche ... kitchen
Medien ... media lab, (video and podcasting
Lounge ... smoking room, retro gaming
Haupraum ... main room
Biblothek ... library