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  • Titel / Name of Project*
  • Type of Project*
    • community project
    • social software
    • publication
    • other
  • Description of your project*
    • what is your project about, who are the people involved and adressed (3.000 characters maximum)
  • Web Address of the Project

  • Project Details
      • (max. 3.000 characters per question)

    • Objectives:* What is the objective of your project? What is the common goal, topic, interest, etc. of the community or the main uses of the software?
    • Language and context: In which cultural and geographic context is the project rooted?
    • Project History:* What was the project's origin, when and how did it start? How did it develop up to the present day?
    • People:* What is the core team carrying the project? How many (groups of) individuals are currently involved as members or users? How would you charaterize the people participating in the project? Is access to the project open or restricted?
    • Lessons learned: What has worked / what has not worked in the process of realisation of your project?

  • Technical Information
    • (max. 3.000 characters per question)

    • Technological basis:* What is the technological basis of your project or software (infrastructure, operating system environment, connectivity / telecommunication, etc.)? missing
    • Solutions: If your submission is a software, please describe the problem it is answering to, what solutions and most important features it offers.
    • Implementations: In what areas / sectors / regions is your software currently applied? Where are running implementations of your software to be found?
    • Users: Who are its (potential) users and beneficiaries?
    • License: Under what kinds of licenses do you make it available? How many copies / licenses have so far been handed out/downloaded?
    • Statement of Reasons:* Why the submitted project deserves to win a prize in the "Digital Communities" category.
    • Planned use of prize money:*

(* required)