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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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| Invent snacks "from the future" || [[User:me|me]] || ?
| Invent snacks "from the future" || [[User:me|me]] || ?
| Invent (colored?) cocktails "from the future" || [[User:me|me]] || ?
| Invent (colored?) cocktails "from the future" || [[User:Min|miniplane]] || ?
| Get food colour for snacks and drinks || [[User:amir|amir]] || [http://www.amazon.de/Lebensmittelfarbe-flüssig-Set-12ml-Lebensmittelfarben/dp/B00ELAIWZK/ref=sr_1_5?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1422796850&sr=1-5 this] good?
| Get food colour for snacks and drinks || [[User:amir|amir]] || [http://www.amazon.de/Lebensmittelfarbe-flüssig-Set-12ml-Lebensmittelfarben/dp/B00ELAIWZK/ref=sr_1_5?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1422796850&sr=1-5 this] good?

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Zeitmaschinen Party
2/28/05, 9 PM
min,juli, amir
so much stuff is happening! it will be a great party! everbody come!
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 02.02.2015

Homepage: http://chronosurfers.org

Maybe you already heard: we are giving a time machine party! and we still need a lot of help to get things going and make a great party happen!

What exactly is the time machine party?

This is not just a party. It is a sign of our undaunted believe in the time machine. And you are making it possible by joining the time machine contract. The contract unites us in _one_ common mission: The discovery of the time machine. So more than every: Together we are strong! – We are very pleased to invite you to the Metalab so we can together sign the contract and to receive the time travelers from the future.

The Contract and theAssociation of International Chronosurfers

i hereby declare on oath on the time machine contract and my membership to the Association of International Chronosurfers (AIC). AIC is a union of timeless beauty between enthusiasts of time travelling. The members of the AIC obligate themselves to obey the following terms:

  • Should a member ever have the possibility to use a time machine, it must use it to visit the time and location mentioned in this contract.
  • Each timetraveller declares to share knowledge about the future and tries to bring future technology to the present.
  • Should a member not ever get the possibility to use a time machine it still agrees to visit the time and date mentioned in this contract to welcome the timetravellers to this epic party.
  • Each member is obliged to share the good news of him/her joining the AIC and to win a lot of new members.

specified location: Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria specified time: Febuary 28th 2015, starting at 21:00 (CET)

Note: The contract can and should also be signed if joining the event isn't possible in the first place, since it's possible to attend this event after the invention of the time machine anyways.


What? Who? Status
Find a Dj(ane). juli needs confirmation
Inform "the" neighbour of the party (a few days before) me  ?
Make photos of/film the event me  ?
Design wearable member cards showing the year of departure me  ?
Design bottle labes "from the future" me  ?
Design a price list for the beverages juli together with Alex.
Find a cheap print shop me flyeralarm!!!
Find out how much exotic beverages we need amir Alex suggested we should take enough to fill the fridge twice
Acutually order the exotic beverages with Alex juli KW 7
Rent (?) a heavy duty fog machine amir IMO a bit expensive: http://www.dj-verleih.at/licht-und-lichteffekte-mieten/nebelmaschine-antari-z1200.html, pl brings tiny fog machine - might be good enough...
Invent snacks "from the future" me  ?
Invent (colored?) cocktails "from the future" miniplane  ?
Get food colour for snacks and drinks amir this good?
Help relabeling bottles me  ?
Get fabrics and remnants juli together with hedi  ?
Get cosmetics me  ?
Get a whole lotta glitter! amir this good?
Get a whole lotta tinfoil amir can anyone find something better than this?
Find cheap (hobby) visagists me  ?
Prepare breakfast for the cleanup squad sonstwer  ?
Get Miracle Berry pills! amir Very expensive: http://www.amazon.com/Miracle-Berry-Fruit-Tablets-Miraculin/dp/B002INDU22. And probably it's not a good idea handing out magic pills at a metalab party. :)
Help with the bar! *.*  ?
Help with the cleanup! *.*  ?
Redesign the "Telefonzelle" me  ?
Make a "selfie-bot" for the party me  ?


What? Who? Status
Design a Flyer juli looks real cool :)
Homepage silsha juli such awesome!
Register on different event pages juli http://wohin.vienna.at/2015/zeitmaschinenparty/wien https://www.events.at/e/zeitmaschinenparty.
Translate german text to english amir sonstwer lutoma done
Create a fb page and event juli done
Create a G+ page and event oib
Create a wiki page amir done
Create a mailinglist. pl https://lists.metalab.at/mailman/listinfo/chronosurfers
Setup an orga meeting amir juli 3. Feb 18h
Create a soup amir http://chronosurfers.soup.io/
Design a poster. Use the flyer as a template amir link

Bar Service

When? Who?
21:00 - 23:00 pl/amir
23:00 - 01:00 ?/?
01:00 - 03:00 ?/?
03:00 - end ?/?


We need help cleaning up at the next day, this has to happen fast and needs a lot of volunteers. The more people help, the faster we are!



Do you want to help? Please put your name into the list. Help where you see the nessecity to do so or where you have fun helping (or both). Please also note your special interests/skills so that we can find out our similarities and get new ideas. Leave anything blank that you don't want or don't know yet.

Who? What do i do? speciality?
min orga  ?
juli orga, homepage, fb, cleanup dedication.
amir orga, wiki, cleanup, translation programming and electronics
silsha homepage  ?
Max (Pwnschlager)  ? ~Graphic Design
Steffi  ? artsy stuff
Sonstwer orga, cleanup, frühstuck, translation  ?
oib G+ Audio/Musik, Video/2xGoProHero2, 2D/Gimp, 3D/Blender, Foto/SonyAlpha55 CMS/Drupal Linux/Debian
kari  ? cooking (planing a menu, preparing it) / bardienst
pl Zeitreisenden Barbetrieb Brings tiny fog machine...

Shopping list

The Metalab grants us 400€ budget for the party. Please insert items you wanna spend it for.

What? How much? Where?
Food color set 9.90 € here
UV lamp 34,75 € here
UV body paint (how much do we need?) 22,75 € here
Normal UV paint? 19,75 € here
UV Wool 19,75 € here
Glitter set 2.55 € here
Tin foil 30cm x 100m 6,56 € here
Joylent (Soylent-Clone mit Shipping to europe) 60€ incl. Shipping http://www.joylent.eu/
Fog machine 39€/24h [http://www.dj-verleih.at/licht-und-lichteffekte-mieten/nebelmaschine-antari-z1200.html here
Glow light bracelets 19.99€ here