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Hi Metalab

I am a tech activist from the San Francisco Bay Area, US. I’ve been associated with various social activism movements as well a part of the hackerspaces Noisebridge (SF) and Sudo Room (Oakland).

I will be traveling all this summer holding talks about online identity and the future of a networked existence. My years of being a tech worker in the bay area, as well as my experiences with mass protest movements and counter-culture have given me a unique perspective that i’m eager to share with other people. I’m also excited to hear about others’ experiences and create an international conversation about these concepts. I’ve been given a generous grant to take this message to as many venues across Europe as possible, and i’d love to contribute to your community space and meet some of the folks there. Recently, my itinerary became more concrete, and I now know that i’ll be spending around 4 days in Vienna. Sorry about the short notice, but things were re-arranged at the last minute because of a talk that is scheduled in Milan, Italy.

Here is a short description of the talk:

> In the current landscape of media and communication, our world is undergoing immense and rapid transformations in the breadth, and format of how we interconnect. At the same time, it is difficult for even the most technically adept to fully comprehend the scope of these projects. This talk is a musing on the ideas behind online identity and mass communication in the 21st century. It intends to partially unravel the mystery behind networked social identity, as well as provide the tools for even the technically-disinclined to understand the possibilities for control, surveillance, freedom, and liberated identity within this new topology.

> Some included topics:
> * Online surveillance, and how deleting your Facebook isn’t enough
> * Big Data analytics: why your data is worth money, and the (im)possibility of privacy
> * Theories and Paradoxes in a hyper-connected future
> * Alternative internets, (or darkness) and what they represent.

Here is a link to the flyer:

Thanks, and hope to speak with you soon, Abhay Agarwal