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Eigentümer: Metalab
Status: Aktiv
Erfordert Einschulung: Ja
Erfordert Authentisierung: Ja
Kostet: 0.10 euro / gram
Hilfsbereite: Hetti

It is OK to use the printer as it is.

It is NOT OK to modify it in any way.

This is a consumer grade semi professional machine, if you want to tinker with a 3d-printer check out the mendel90 reprap.

If you notice any problems with the machine (maintenance required, damage) you are required to report your observations. Please use either subscribers-only mailing lists intern@ or 3d-printing@, the issue tracker or mail to Core.png.


Filament diameter 1.75mm

Layer height: 0.05-0.25 mm (0.2 is fast and looks good)

Material: PLA only

Firmware version: 1.4.2 ( 29.10.2015)

This machine was sponsored (better price) from 3dee.at

How to use it

Calibration (before every job @ metalab)

  • There is a calibration sheet inside the witbox.
  • Calibration is simple. Just follow the instructions on the menu.
  • Configuration -> Level plate

Load / Change Filament if neccessary - Careful not to entangle the filament!!

  • To change or unload the filament select the matching option from the menu
  • very gently apply some pull to the filament and you will feel that the filament is actually pulled for extraction first and after some seconds it is ejected
  • Once the filament is eject apply some more pullign force
  • when the filament comes loose pull sharply and remove the filament from the tube completely (also any long debris that might hang off the filament needs to get out)

Save your .gcode to the SD card

  • Start cura
  • Import .stl
  • Save to SD
  • You can use folders with your nickname to group your files on an SD card. The Witbox' display will only show the first 19 characters of a filename. So make sure you can distinguish multiple files within that limit so you always print the correct file.
  • Done.

Start job from menu

  • Select "Print from SD"
  • Select your job
  • Push dialing wheel- > job starts

Pay used filament

  • Calculate used material with your slicer or http://gcode.ws/
  • Material costs are 0,10€/gramm
  • Deposit appropriate amount in the 3D printing cash box.

Wisdom Tables

These settings have been tested and worked fine.

MATERIAL Layer height Speed Temperature (°C) Who tried this Notes
PLA Neon Green 0.1mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Good.
PLA Neon Green 0.2mm 60mm/sec 220C 0x3d acceptable, 1st layer overhang curls, maybe too hot and slow
PLA WHITE (no name big spool) 0.1mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Looks better at higher temperature
PLA Black bq 0.1mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Good.
PLA Black bq 0.05mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Very fine resolution!, Looks good! Used for TSA keyset
PLA transparent bq 0.1mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Good.
PLA purple noname (3dee.at) 0.1mm 80mm/sec 210C overflo Good.
PLA blue noname (3dee.at) 0.2mm 80mm/sec 210C don Large rectangular bottom layer was not sticking to the plate with Cura's default Witbox advanced settings. Default first layer thickness = 0.3mm and default first layer speed = 20mm/sec. I changed these to 0.2mm and 80mm/sec respectively and then it worked perfectly.

These settings caused some problems

MATERIAL Layer height Speed Temperature (°C) Who tried this Notes


Cura for Witbox

Slic3r config files & manual

Slic3r zip contains 3 different config files:

  • Witbox_res_alta.ini -> 0.1 mm layer height
  • Witbox_res_baja.ini -> 0.3 mm layer height
  • Witbox_res_media.ini -> 0.2 mm layer height

Metalab config bundle for slic3r: Datei:Slic3r config bundle metalab v1.zip


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