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The vusbmicro is a tiny vusb platform that features

  • a prototyping area
  • an ICSP connector
  • two metalab logos (one hidden under the IC)
  • a hole so you can hang it around your neck
  • a QRcode with a link to the instructions

You can buy a kit from overflo containing all parts for the project on the or personally when we meet in real life around the lab ;)


The device features an ATTINY45/85 IC and runs a firmware built around cs's virtual usb library.

It can be used as an ISP for AVR or alternatively as a keyboard device or anythong else you can implement with vusb.

So far we have firmwares ready for ISP and a prankster device called TrustMe that periodically sends a Capslock to the host once connected.


The project started out as powertomato wanted a small ISP board that he could build from components available in metalabs own Bauteilsortiment as the programmers tend to get lost.

From there we had 2 iterations of designs and ideas and together with overflo, clifford designed the version 0.9 of the PCB.


board design