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Wlan SSID: metalights
Wlan SSID: metalights
startUniverse: 3
startUniverse: 3

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Umbrella is the ceiling lighting of the main room. It consist out of 12 umbrellas capable of emitting light in either 16581375 RGB shades or 65025 white shades.

The umbrellas are controllable with art-net.

How to simply turn on/off the light

Use the light switch next to the kitchen. You can dim the light with the rotary knob on the side.

Umbrella lightswitch 1.jpg Umbrella lightswitch 2.jpg

If it does not work try unplugging and replugging it. Wait a couple of seconds.

Access data

Wlan SSID: metalights


startUniverse: 3

There are 60 channel. 5 channels (RGBWW) per umbrella.


The Metalab needs some new lights.

ART-net is awesome.


Raspberry Pi 3 + Touchscreen

Distro based on the QLC+ image (raspbian jessie)

QLC+ XServer less build that renders directly in GL buffers for performance

H801 based clients (ESP8266)

Arduino based firmware that implements ART-net

Temporary setup with QLC+

Connect to "metalights" WLAN


Set ARTnet universe to 3

There are 5 channels / Umbrella


If CW or WW are anything else but "0" then R,G and B are disabled by firmware.

If R,G or B are anything but "0" then CW and WW are disabled by firmware.

This is to save our power supplies from sudden heat death.

(105 watt / Umbrella max)


H801 LED controller features:

  • 8 Mbit Storage (1 Mb)
  • 5 channels each 45 watt max (~ 3.5 Ampere @ 12 V / channel)

How to flash

  • Install Arduino 1.6.4
  • Install ESP 8266 extensions
  • Select Tools:
    • GENERIC ESP8266 Module
    • Flash Mode: DIO
    • Flash Size: 1M (512K SPIFFS)
    • Debug Port: Disabled
    • Debug Level: none
    • Reset Mode: ck
    • Flash Frequency: 40 Mhz
    • CPU Frequency: 80 Mhz
    • Upload Speed: 115200 or more

  • Set JUMPER on board to boot into flash mode.
  • Power up the board.


Originally invented and built by overflo, the umbrellas were built by a lot of people in some night shifts at Metalab

LOTS OF SUPPORT BY uniq, anlumo, ripper, bogdan <your name here>



H801 Controllers


ART-net Reference