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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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[ ART-net Reference]
[ ART-net Reference]

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The metalab needs some new lights.

ART-net is awesome.


Raspberry Pi 3 + Touchscreen

Distro based on the QLC+ image (raspbian jessie)

QLC+ X-server less build that renders directly in GL buffers for performance

H801 based clients (ESP8266)

Arduino based firmware that implements ART-net


H801 Ledcontroller features:

  • 8 Mbit Storage (1 Mb)
  • 5 channels each 45 watt max (~ 3.5 Ampere @ 12 V / channel)

How to flash

  • Install Arduino 1.6.4
  • Install ESP 8266 extensions
  • Select Tools:
    • GENERIC ESP8266 Module
    • Flash Mode DIO
    • Flash Size 1M (512K SPIFFS)
    • Debug Port: Disabled
    • Debug Level: none
    • Reset Mode: ck
    • Flash Frequency: 40 Mhz
    • CPU Frequency: 80 Mhz
    • Upload Speed 115200 or more

  • Set JUMPER on board to boot into flash mode
  • Power the board


Originally invented and built by overflo, the umbrellas were built by a lot of people at some nightshifts at metalab

LOTS OF SUPPORT BY uniq, anlumo, ripper, bogdan <your name here>



H801 Controllers


ART-net Reference