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[[UPC|< UPC]]

Version vom 27. Juni 2019, 13:24 Uhr


Gestartet: 27.06.2019
Involvierte: Metalab
Status: works
Beschreibung: UnhackableImpediment
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 27.06.2019




Object Class


Special Containment Procedures



UPC (UnhackablePortunusCerberus) is an insuperable object of unknown origin. With an affinity to any other object capable of magnetic response and/or interaction, UPC secures, contains and protects.

UPC-1337 resembles an electronic keypad with fully functional buttons and an always on red led and an always off green led. A standard USB is also attached, usually connected to a power supply.

UPC-1337 can be used to securely contain or protect items with magnetically responsive surfaces. If said object or item does not contain a magnetically responsive surface, one can be easily attached using hotglue and a sheet of metal. This also includes living creatures and/or moving objects.

UPC-1337 does not grant access to said object, item, creature or [censored] after being attached. Any attempts to break the access code by brute force number guessing have been unsuccessful. Dr. [censored] believes the access code to be no less than a minimum of four digits and no more than a maximum of [censored] digits. UPC-1337 will be kept at Metalab Vienna until further notice.

This article was inspired by the SCP Foundation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCP_Foundation