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Third shift

At night, the urban landscape changes dramatically. Streets that were filled with people and cars in the rush hour become empty at midnight.

Sounds of urban landscape disappear, making even shouting appear very loud.

Being fascinated by this change, I propose an experiment that will let us investigate this phenomena a bit further and will provoke questions in ours and minds of the passerbys.

The idea is to set-up a small office environment in the public place (square) at night and have few people work there. A desk with two office chairs, notebooks, wireless connection, some kind of light source to make the atmosphere and draw attention of the passerbys. The performers will try to do the work they would usually do at that hour (probably at home), like programming, surfing the internet so that the whole scenery appears natural, yet somehow were divorced from the surround. The concept could be expanded to include someone reading a book on the couch, or watching television, but that could pose some overhead on providing the electricity and transportation of the furniture.