The Game

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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The Game wird ein Adventure Game im und um's Metalab, pünktlich zum fünften Geburtstag.

Die Programmierung wird beim Super Gamedev Weekend Ende März erledigt aber Bild und Audiomaterial muss schon vorher gesammelt werden.

Die Drecksarbeit machen:

  • Programmierung: TomK32, ...
  • Photographie: ...
  • Audio: ...
  • Video: ...


  • Javascript (genauergesagt coffeescript)
  • Einfache Sprache mit Interpreter zum Scripten des Adventure Parts


  • list of achievements for reaching a point or a certain action (instead of highscores?)
  • use phonebooth to call metalabbers
  • scribble something on the board
  • program the blinkenwall
  • send a message to the fridge
  • refill the fridge
  • bring out the trash
  • clean the kitchen
  • timeline to get items from the past
  • guide a visitor trough the lab
  • change the main room lights
  • search for puzzle parts cut with the lazzzor
  • fix something broken (metacade, metalock, metakassa, ...)
  • some 3d goodie with that rgb painting cross the kitchen entry => tetris minigame
  • easter egg in music room light installation!
  • Interuniversal connection from Library to Library of the Unseen University? (With a monkey asking you for student pass)
  • scratch the walls during lab renovations (bina fragen wegen fotos)
  • Bina's Han Solo variation
  • Lazzzor


Adventures sind fad, Ponyreiten ist viel besser:

  • tetris on the blinkenwall!
  • drama
  • cocktail shooter ?

iso view

These need a map of the lab

  • Wake up the slacker! (real time game!) (One of the slackers is always wearing his earbuds, so that the normal waking strategy(shitty radio pop music, etc.) doesn't work and the player has to use his 1337 diplomatic conversation skillz to teach them the better :)
  • Red Alert (the brand-new awesome clean-up game!)

simple "move images around" type

  • metadance
  • Delivery Service Tycoon Deluxe 2011
  • Wuzzler (maybe as a flipper automat?)
  • Getränkelieferung (Dixie Kong kicking them down)
  • resistance colour learning game
  • whack the troll (like whack the kitty but with trolls!)



(click the pony on the ceiling to take it for a ride on the ceiling)

Needs: 3D model of pony, penguin and mushroom guy, 3D landscape of ceiling (is Blender ok for all these?) OpenGL for the minigame? what can we do in this game, pointless riding around?

Guest appearance

either as part of a quest or as a random event or something

  • Grenzi (only before 24th of March)
  • Pedobear mask
  • Chutullu himself?
  • all kinds of visitors


where to get music from? anyone wanna sing?


Prinicpal photography

who shoots whom or what when?

  • Grenzi: vor'm 24sten März
  • Metadancer