Super Gamedev Weekend/2011: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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(In Retrospective: added 2 blog entrys and Picasa web album link)
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* [ thp's photo set from the weekend]
* [ thp's photo set from the weekend]
* [ Video of the presentations]
* [ Video of the presentations]
* [ Blog entry (1/2)]
* [ ThePythonGameBook Blog entry (1/2)]
* [ Blog entry (2/2)]
* [ ThePythonGameBook Blog entry (2/2)]
* [|Biertaucher Bieratucher Podcast] speaks about SuperGameDev Weekend
* [ Picasa Webalbum (Photos and Videos)]
* [ Picasa Webalbum (Photos and Videos)]
* ''link your photos, videos, blogs, etc.. here''
* ''link your photos, videos, blogs, etc.. here''
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=== [ The Herd] - Winner ===
=== [ The Herd] - Winner ===
You are a sheep and occupy others. The only 3D game, winner in graphics/sound and overall winner. C++ with OGRE, solo by [ @anlumo1]
You are a sheep and occupy others. The only 3D game, winner in graphics/sound and overall winner. C++ with OGRE, solo by [ @anlumo1]
[ Download link for binary for Mac OS X 10.6+]
=== [ Occupy Bull $treet] ===
=== [ Occupy Bull $treet] ===

Aktuelle Version vom 15. November 2012, 10:08 Uhr

A whole weekend to create new games! The popular concept of 48hrs game development jams is taking its place at Metalab once more. The weekend is 9th to 11th of December 2011. At the beginning (Fri at around 18:00) we will agree on a topic, and at Sunday evening (at around 22:00) all participants are invited to vote on everyone's game to find the winner of a fantastic trophy. In last year's game jam we created seven games, let's top that!

Why compete in game jams, and why are there never too many?
Because quantity will lead you to quality

The theme was chosen to be occupy.

In Retrospective


Solo participants are welcome but a team of two to four people is most efficient. During the event please add your team and game here and update often to keep track of progress. Metalab has a github account for open source games:

The Herd - Winner

You are a sheep and occupy others. The only 3D game, winner in graphics/sound and overall winner. C++ with OGRE, solo by @anlumo1

Download link for binary for Mac OS X 10.6+

Occupy Bull $treet

Ride you bull down the street and fun over all those protesters. Winner in Fun/Works, second overall. Processing, Kinect, three ppl team.

Spray 'em all

A nice walk through the park, but don't forget your pepper spray. Started in Love2d rewritten in flash.


Contains no Wald at all, control your car with PS Move controllers, shake it hard and hunt buildings that hop more often than your T.A.R.D.I.S. Python, three ppl team


Think nethack, think dwarf fortress and forget the theme. But it runs in a DOS Box! solo by ido


I got that song in my playlist: They Raided Joint. But here you help some zombie to escape a disco raided by the cops.

Traders of the Lost Park

Boardgame like solo by TomK32. Javascript


Incomplete, just a video but pokemo is clearly an inspiration if you set up police vs. protesters.

Florian Hufsky Award

The happy winner Andreas

In memorian of oneup we will award a priced named after him to the winning game of the contest.

kewagi created a trophy for the over-all winner.

Some Help

And don't forget, metalab has a Kinect that anyone can try for creative game controlling.

Archived Workshops

Last year we had a workshop for everyone new to game programming and if interest is strong enough we might re-schedule those.


The chaotic and bug-infested presentation on Sunday set aside, Subotron has invited us to present the finished(?) games at their pro games series, that would be on December 22nd, enough time to really finish our games ;-)

Ludum dare 22

Want more? The week after, from 16th to 18th December, ludum dare 22 is taking place and a few metalabber will compete for this as well. Want even more? the gamejam calendar knows it all.

Organisation / Questions

Questions to


Pretty much anyone can participate, a good game dev team consists of a programmer, a graphic artist, a sound artist and a writer. Teams are often established before the weekend but you can compete solo or join forces with others on Friday. You don't have to add yourself to the list, just turn up at Metalab.


  1. TomK32 will defend last year's victory
  2. Kelvan
  3. Knizz
  4. simon
  5. beanie also trying to defend his minor share of last year's victory
  6. 1/2
  7. 2/2
  8. ido
  9. +1 // Metalab - Member
  10. +1
  11. Elk
  12. thp
  13. 1/2
  14. 2/2
  15. ibisum
  16. @anlumo1
  17. alex
  18. Horst JENS
  19. Gabriel, TheMoep
  20. ... You? ...

add yourself please