Soap Bubbling

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I recently discovered the secret[1] of making huge bubbles and I decided to deploy some stuffs at the Chemielab, so you can brew some yourself. If you like it, you can donate a small amount of moneys at the provided cashbox. the first batch of ingredients lasts for about 10 liters, so dont be greedy, just make 1 liter to try it out, it should provide enough fun for one session. Any questions: ask me

Deployed Stuffs

  1. Citrus Acid (~150g)
  2. Natron (~30g)
  3. Natrosol HX (~25g)
  4. Fairy Oxyd (~500ml)
  5. Pipe Cord (Hemp)


  • 1000ml water (distilled is better, but not necessary):
  • 1g Citrus Acid
  • 2g Natron
  • 2.5g Natrosol HX
  • 64 ml Fairy Oxyd
  • (7g Glycerin, not really needed, still, nice to have)
  1. Heat the water until small bubbles pop up
  2. Add Natron. Stir until resolved.
  3. Add Natrosol HX carefully! Pour small amounts and stir until resolved. Repeat.
  4. Add Fairy Oxyd (& Glycerin) carefully! Avoid creating bubbles while stiring.
  5. Stir until your hand falls off.
  6. (Let it cool down and sit for 24 hours inside a open container)

everything in () is optional.


  • Get yourself a small bucket or a beaker with a big enough diameter. Poor in the liquid.
  • Weather: High Humidity is nice. Parks or places near wells, rivers or lakes. Avoid being next to heavily traveled streets. Mild Wind is recommended.
  • Don't stir! Bubbles are bad, try getting rid of em now and then, they hinder making good bubbles.


  • Hands! be creative, experiment and discover the possibilities. (Don't use it like soap: no rubbing, cause that produces bubbles)
  • Wand: you need the already prepared Piped Cord and (not supplied but easily found) 2 sticks (50cm should do the trick). assemble the pieces as you see fit. with tips of the wand touching, dip the cord into the container and pull it out again. Open the wand so the cord forms a circle. If you are satisfied with the created bubble, close the circle again with touching the tips of the wand. In case of no wind: take a few steps back and "capture some air". In case of strong wind: make some steps forward and/or open your circle only partial.
  • ProTip You can do bubbles inside bubbles. Experiment!