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(updated and linked to last release)
(source repos have been forked into the metalab github orga)
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source on github: ([ latest slackomatic release], [ latest artnet4j fork release])
source on github: ([ latest slackomatic release], [ latest artnet4j fork release])
== Current state ==  
== Current state ==  

Aktuelle Version vom 9. März 2017, 02:51 Uhr

Gestartet: 10.11.2013
Involvierte: You? User:M68k
Status: in production
Beschreibung: control the Yamaha AV system, our Moderately Huge Screen and projector using a web page.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2017-03-09


control the Yamaha AV system, our MHS and projector using a web page.


source on github: (latest slackomatic release, latest artnet4j fork release)

Current state

  • you can select between the Screeninvader, PS2, PS3, Wii and one spare HDMI cable (labeled "My HDMI Port") and a Phillips Bluetooth "Headset".
  • projector, tv screen and yahama are now connected with a shiny new HDMI cable (and an HDMI splitter to display the same on the TV and projector)

Known issues

* change to the invader can fail sometimes (change of the projector input source), please try again after a few seconds.

* video quality on Wii and PS3 is a little bit sub-par (needs a new cable between the Yamaha and the projector).


  • support all the other stuff in the lounge (Kouch, Metacade et al.). those will be added when the necessary cabling is available.


  • Documentation
  • Githubify
  • Cabling diagram

Tell me more, how is it setup right now(tm)

  • Screeninvader: Audio, Video: HDMI -> Yamaha
  • PS2: Audio, Video: AV -> Yamaha
  • PS3: Audio, Video: HDMI -> Yamaha
  • Wii: Audio, Video: AV -> Yamaha
  • a Phillips Bluetooth audio "headset" for connecting with your portable device -> Yamaha
  • one HDMI cable to connect with your own device -> Yamaha
  • Slackomatic: no Audio, Video; connected via USB/RS232 to the projector as the remote control; sends XML to the yamaha via network (wired)
  • Yamaha: video output connected to the TV and projector via AV HDMI (+HDMI Splitter), audio output to our surround speakers

Hardware / Software

  • Raspbery Pi with Raspian Image (Debian)
  • Slackomatic frontend itself is written in Java and runs in Jetty, the hardware control stuff is Shell (mostly, may contain traces of Java now) :D
  • Slackomatic/Mqtt

Everybody loves screenshots

Slackomatic ui.png

Everybody loves UML schematics

Uml lounge.png