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Security by Candlelight - Crypto Games on teh Interwebs

Can I get there by Candlelight?
How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candlelight?
Aye, and back again.
If your feet are nimble and light
You'll get there by candlelight.
-- Nursery Rhyme

Security by Candlelight/SBC15 Crypto Games
433081 candle light 1.jpg
Status: active
Thema: All things pertinent to physical and IT-Security
Gestartet: 19.03.2007
Organisator: Lynx, MiKa
Homepage: Security_bei_Kerzenschein
IRC/Matrix: #metalab at
Treffen: biweekly
Zielgruppe: People interested in improving the security of all kinds.
Inhalt: Yes, by candlelight. Really!
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2013-02-20

Security sometimes seems like a hard and long journey

But properly equipped it will be just like snapping with your fingers. I'm afraid we will not have a "Babylon Candle" to get us there but at least it will be much more fun to travel in a group and talk about the things and wonders we see along the road.

A Meeting Place for Security Enthusiasts at the Metalab in Vienna

  • Open for everyone, no special skills required. Just be curious, playful and interested.
  • Bring your own Ideas, not your own beer - we have plenty of beer/Club Mate in the fridge. We want your input and active participation (not to say your soul) - don't be shy :)
  • Security by Candlelight is not a workshop or a lecture type of event (although it appears to be sometimes) but a discussion and exchange about different aspects of security.
  • We want to cover hacking and defending systems, we want to talk about physical, network and application security. We want to discuss about social hacking and security awareness, we want to do things and try some cool hacks on our own.
  • Our goal is to meet two times a month at the Metalab Library in a relaxed setting with changing hosts and topics, with presentations, workshops or discussion rounds.

Location: The "library" at the Metalab in Vienna: Map

Twitter: @MetaLabSbC

SbC Mailing List Subscribe here

Cicada 3301

In Jan 2012 an image with cryptic content was posted to 4chan /b/, imgur and other internet channels, most of them infamous for little control of the content and very loose interpretation of what could be accepted for a public audience.

It turned out that steganographic content was embedded in the image and soon a hunt began, with lots of speculations and conspiracy theories emerging. None was ever prooved.

We want to take look at some of the cryptographis methods and how they were broken.

Charlie one Umbra

A few months later, in Mar 2012, ominous messages were posted on, a web radio channel. It soon spread to (again) 4chan, this time to /x/ the board about conspiracies, paranormal activities, to reddit-sub-boards etc...

The web-casts mostly consisted of a series of numbers, spoken by a female voice. The numbers (in most cases) were encrypted messages with different crypto-algorithms and decryption keys that had to be broken by brute force, crypto-analysis, solving previous challenges or deducting keys from hints found in material referenced or provided.

Again we want to look at some of the methods and how they were broken.

Transmission Sixty Seven

Contains a SSTV encoded image:


The image is a painting (possibly flipped vertically) of Charon and Psyche.

In Greek mythology Psyche has to fullfill several tasks to regain Cupid's love. One the tasks is to retrieve a box from the underworld. Psyche has two coins to pay Charon, the ferryman of the river Styx to ensure her return.

Charon is also the name of the handler, who controls siftumbra ("the players").