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Security by Candlelight #8: What's the Risk?

The second episode of season three

This meeting will be devoted to Security and Risk Management. Sounds tougher than it is: it's mostly based on common sense and reasonable thinking. To me its one of the most thrilling tasks, not like the usual "Cops and Robbers" game of attacking and defending but preparing and planning to reach a goal. Hope you like our suggestion, other inputs are welcome.

Some links to our topics to prepare a little (if you like to do so):

No, we will not go through all the nifty and sneaky details, just getting a nice understanding of what we do and why.

When / Where

Thu 23.07.2009, 7:30 pm @ Metalab Library, Vienna, 1. district, Rathausstr. 6


Wait until after the meeting :) ...