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The Screw sortiment contains many Wood- some Metal- and Imbus-Screws (M2-M3-M4-M5-M6-M8). For most imbus, there are "Senkkopf" "Linsenkopf" and "Zylinderkopf" varieties. Please pay the price indicated at the drawers, usually in indicated in ¢. There is a cash box in between the racks.

Some additional parts I put in with a price tag, if they are from my private stock (e.g. Ball-Bearings, SMD 5050 Leds, ...)

I will not guarantee any rebuys, lets see which screws are actually used, and needed...

Current Cashflow

  • 60 € Racks
  • 183 € inital screw sortiment, Germany.
  • -24 € first box outtake.

New Schraubensortiment

Most of the screws are depleated and the sortiment is only a big mess. we need to identify which screws we need and where to buy.

Probably useful screw types

All Screws should be have TORX or HEX Head

Screw Diameter Length Types (mm) Senkkopf Linsenkopf Zylinderkopf Muttern Unterlegscheiben Sprengringe minium on spare comment
M2 10,16,20 x x x x 100
M3 10,16,20,30,40 x x x x x x 200
M4 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
M5 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
M6 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
M7 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
M8 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
M10 16,20,40 x x x x x x 100
3/8" WW 20 x x 25 Kleine Stativschraube
1/4" WW 20 x x 25 Große Stativschraube
M3 Madenschraube 16 25 Türen, Festspannungen etc