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Tessellated writes: "Scanner photography flashes me since years. By building a photocamera with an old flatbed scanner and a photographic lens you may gain truly awesome pictures!!! For example I've seen the result where someone exposed such a beast to a band performing on stage, visualizing the vibes of the bass line.

Now that I have the ideal environment for tinkering at the Metalab I'd like to build one by myself and would welcome if others join me for this project.

The idea isn't new, one can quickly get the simplier designs running. Almost immediate fun – and with the experience of the lab crowd the project may even advance technologically with more sophistical hard- and software."



  • TomK32 has some lenses from the 80ies
  • Has anyone an unused flatbed scanner sitting around and is willing to donate for a good cause? (SANE-supported devices preferred)

I'm interested