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Hybrid rocket propulsion system conceptual overview

Nomen est omen. Salami rocket is about building a hybrid rocket with a gaseous oxydizer and salami as propellants.


I'd prefer N2O over 02 because although N2O carries a lot of conjectural inert nitrogen (64%) oxygen is much harder to handle (tank filling, storage & injection). Additionally the nitrogen, though not participating in combustion, raises the fuel erosion rate and cooles the nozzle enough to reuse it many times.


Salami: High efficency hydrocarbon based fuel ;)


  • Run Tank: A light-weight container for the oxydizer capable of sustaining enough pressure
  • On/Off Valve: Enables/Disables oxydizer flow.
  • Throttle valve: A valve to allow precise regulation of the oxydizer flow from the run tank to the combustion chamber.
  • Injector: Aids in vaporizing the (still) liquid oxydizery.
  • Combustion Chamber: Where the oxydizer/fuel mix burns. Additionally to pressure (same amount as for the run tank) it has to sustain heat.
  • Nozzle: An opening that dramatically accelerates the hot gas escaping the combustion chamber.
  • Ignitor: Preheating the fuel and initializing combustion.
  • Shell: Protecting the motor
  • Recovery System: Enables slow decent after burn-out for safety and reusability

Shopping list

All parts directly participating in the combustion would have to sustain at least 51 bar (vapor pressure of N20 at 20°C) but for reasons of safety i assume 100bar as the minimum.

Run Tank

Smart Parts C02 aluminium tank for paintball guns with on/off valve.

  • Capacity: 591ml (20 oz)
  • Connector: 1,27cm (1/2")
  • Max Pressure: 200bar
  • Price: 45€

On/Off Valve

No separate valve needed since the proposed CO2 tank has it built-in.

Throttle valve

An adjustable throttle valve (Stasto VRB-030) intended for use in hydraulics.

  • Connector: 1,27cm (1/2")
  • Flow rate: 45 l/min
  • Working pressure: 350 bar
  • Price: 30€


Probably custom made. Basically a shower head ;).

Combustion Chamber

C02 aluminium tank for paintball guns without on/off valve.

  • Capacity: 591ml (20 oz)
  • Connector: 1,27cm (1/2")
  • Max Pressure: 200bar
  • Price: 14€


Graphite laval nozzle that sustains up to 2000°C. No suitable model found yet.


None selected yet.


Nice proposal by [User:mactux mactux]. Exact specifications & blue prints yet to be made.

Recover System

None specified/selected yet.