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It's Just a Simple SQL Query
SQL workshop for beginners
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 26.09.2022

It's Just a Simple SQL Query

SQL databases are everywhere these days. The job of most UI developers (such as anlumo) is abstracting them away to present beautiful interfaces. However, when time is short, sometimes even end users might benefit from running simple SQL queries on databases.

This is a one-day workshop aimed at people with no prior experience to learn the basics of SQL.


A date will be set once there's a critical number of people who want to attend.

This is a first-time workshop, so anlumo has no idea how long it will take.

What is SQL?

SQL is defined in the standard ISO/IEC 9075 and is a description language for inserting and querying data. It is not a programming language. It also doesn't define how data is stored or retrieved under the hood, and it also doesn't define how queries are executed, only the input and output.

So, there are many very different implementations of SQL, such as OracleDB, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, sqlite, and Microsoft SQL Server. All of them are slightly incompatible to each other. However, the basic skills transfer easily and so this workshop is applicable to all of them, since the plan doesn't include any features that are specific to any of them.

SQL is so popular that all other databases are defined by what they're not, so they're called nosql-databases. Popular ones are mongoDB, Firebase, Redis, Couchbase, and rocksdb. One important distinction is that while SQL leaves a lot of freedom in implementation, it requires the database to be relational. Nosql databases are free of this restriction.

Requirements for Participation

  • Ability to read and type.
  • A computing device at Metalab running Linux, macOS, or Windows with a keyboard and a screen.
  • Knowledge of English

Workshop will be held in German, unless there's at least one participant who doesn't speak German. Then it will be held in English.


This is still work in progress.

The plan is to use sqlite so the database is local to the devices and trivial to set up. It supports all of the SQL standard and is just a bit limited with data types, but that's completely adequate for this workshop.

  • Creating tables (with constraints)
  • Inserting data
  • Querying data (this is the major part of the workshop)
  • Deleting data and tables
  • Transactions


  • Indexes
  • Query optimizations
  • Permissions (not supported by sqlite anyways)
  • Stored procedures
  • Using databases in code
  • Ranting why SQL is such a bad idea

People Interested

Adding yourself to this list would be nice but is not required:

  • pk
  • mazzo
  • Your name could be here!
  • ..
  • ..

Note that the workshop will only happen when there are a sufficient number of people on this list.