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(Ze actual cutting)
(Added aternative steps for getting the Stencil into Corel Draw)
Zeile 38: Zeile 38:
Import the .pdf into Corel draw and you are good to go.
Import the .pdf into Corel draw and you are good to go.
===Alternative Steps===
# Enable the dimension
# Import the PDF to Inkscape
# Disable strokes for all pads!
# Save as SVG
# Import to CorelDraw
# Make sure the dimension fits
# Cut!
== Ze actual cutting ==
== Ze actual cutting ==

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Howto make SMD stencils

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This page contains Information on how to make a STENCIL for SMD paste

This Information is valid for all the electronic CAD programs but I will document how to do it in eagle.

  • Open Eagle
  • Open you .brd file
  • Go to Layers Menu
  • Disable ALL layers but Layer 31 (tCream)
    • Doubleclick on Layer 31 (tCream)
    • Change Fillstyle to empty
    • Scale factor: 1

  • Menu ->
    • Tools ->
      • DRC ->
        • Masks ->
          • For the CREAM insert MIN: 0 Percent: 90% Max: 4mil
  • Click Apply

Now your tCream (31) Layer contains squares/masks that are smaller than the actual pads. GOOD.

We will export this one layer as PDF now.

  • Print
  • Print to file (PDF)

Import the .pdf into Corel draw and you are good to go.

Alternative Steps

  1. Enable the dimension
  2. Import the PDF to Inkscape
  3. Disable strokes for all pads!
  4. Save as SVG
  5. Import to CorelDraw
  6. Make sure the dimension fits
  7. Cut!

Ze actual cutting

Use Overheadfoil that can be used with a copier (than its not PVC) i got splendid results using OHP Transparency film from NOBO

You find this in my box in the WEL shelfes on the very right, next to the whiteboard. USe freely for stencils (but nothing else)

Place the overheadfoil on a piece of plain white copier paper and cut the stencil with an outline around the PCB

Once you cut it you can remove the overheadfoil from the paper and all the little squers will stick to the paper.

Cutter settings

  • Speed: 100 %
  • Power: 10 %
  • Hertz: Vollgas.