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(Ze actual cutting)
(Ze actual cutting)
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SMD-Stencils selber machen








Howto make SMD stencils

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This page contains Information on how to make a STENCIL for SMD paste

This Information is valid for all the electronic CAD programs but I will document how to do it in eagle.

  • Open Eagle
  • Open you .brd file
  • Go to Layers Menu
    • Doubleclick on Layer 31 (tCream)
    • Change Fillstyle to empty
    • Scale factor: 1

  • Menu ->
    • Tools ->
      • DRC ->
        • Masks ->
          • For the CREAM insert MIN: 0 Percent: 90% Max: 4mil
  • Click Apply

Now your tCream (31) Layer contains squares/masks that are smaller than the actual pads. GOOD.

We will export this one layer as PDF now.

  • Print
  • Print to file (PDF)

Import the .pdf into Corel draw and you are good to go.

Ze actual cutting

Use Overheadfoil that can be used with a copier (than its not PVC) i got splendid results using | OHP Transparency film from NOBO

Cutter settings

  • Speed: ?? %
  • Power: ?? %
  • Hertz: ?