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Version vom 23. Oktober 2008, 18:46 Uhr


This project is about building a 3D printer for rapid prototyping. In contrast to a milling machine the process is additive i.e. the workpiece is built-up layer by layer, usually from thermoplastic material. Some commercial devices exists - needless to say, they are pricey. The goal of a RepRap machine is the ability to print almost all parts it consists of, hence a self-replicating rapid prototyper.

After seing Vik's presentation about how to build a RepRap we've started our own implementation of a RepRap. Then Bre Pettis came by in November 2007 and decided to build a McWire-based RepRap for Roboexotica. In a week. Metalab inherited Bre's RepRap (yay!) and it's now used as a basis for our own RepRap.

Note: At the moment, what we're building is really a RepStrap which we already use to print parts for our first "real" RepRap.

Status (List of Milestones achieved )

Recent progress can be seen at the Metalab RepRap Soup

  • Parts ordered from the RepRap Research Foundation for XYZ axis and extruder boards.
  • XYZ axis is working.
  • We can now also control our CNC machine from the RepRap software using a modified Arduino firmware and a CNC Arduino shield.
  • First version of the extruder is resurrected from Bre's old parts and successfully extrudes HDPE.
  • We can print handcoded objects using a quick and dirty Arduino firmware.
  • GCode firmware is working! The GCode files are at the moment hand-coded.
    • Knowledge Base for the GCode Toolchain accumulating here RepRap/GCode
  • Next step is to establish a pipeline from design to printed parts. At the moment, we're thinking about doing this based on GCode.
  • Full pipeline working, tuned parameters for solid objects. Going for replication :) --Wizard23 05:51, 16. Jul. 2008 (CEST)
  • We need stepper motors for fixing our seedling. If anyone has an old printer or scanner lying around, we'll be happy to inherit it and salvage its precious guts.
  • Switched to ABS. Moved extruder to the CNC for high speed and high precision printing.
  • First functional part printed :)
  • Applying for NetzNetz Grants
  • Extruded Extruder is Extruding (first step towards self replication)

Next Steps

  • Start using Z endstop for automatic positioning
  • test lower temperatures/higher z spacing for using ABS as support structure
  • unleash the creative potential of mankind

Materials in the Lab

  • Two glasses CAPA/Polymorph -> went missing after the camp?
  • A roll of HDPE
  • All necessary boards, electronics and plastic parts for the RepRap and some spare parts



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