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Hey Metalabbers... process it's started...

Wrote down here some of the tasks we are focusing on, some of the stuff we need to buy, ideas we would like to realize and things we would probably like to have.

Would be very useful to have feedback from everyone of you, adding or changing ideas and help in buying and/or realizing some of the stuff.

We can put our nick directly on the corresponding line if we are going to realize, or have a new idea, or help with a certain task.


  • MultimediaKastl | Amir
  • Ambient Lights
  • Illuminations
  • New Furniture (New Tables and ??)
  • Cabling (Audio/checkEthernetplugs)
  • Hardware?
  • Wall?
  • ...


  • Ambient LightTowers/Cylinders
  • Cable Pullback Rollers for ethernet/vga/audio
  • Ventilation Improvement (fan with filter?)
  • non smelly easy to clean couch (plastic??)
  • storage + seat bench under projection-surface
  • ...

Shopping List

  • MultimediaKastl:
    • 10x M8 gewindstangen
    • 50+ M8 Mutter
    • 1x M6 gewindstangen
    • 4x Plexiglass (890x590x6mm)
    • 6x Plexiglassroehren (20x1500mm) oder (12x 20x1000mm)
  • Audio/Video Setup:
    • 100m+ Mono Audio Cable (lounge 7.1 surround speakers tested and working)
    • 1x SPEAKA 4-WEGE AV-UMSCHALTPULT (Conrad Best.-Nr.: 350722-62)
  • Tuere:
    • 4x Scharniere
  • ...

Shopping List Whateverlab (refurbishment)

  • 5x M8 gewindstangen
  • 5x M6 gewindstangen
  • 4x Plexiglass (890x590x6mm)
  • ...

Wish List

  • 1x Belking Omniview 4 port A/V switch (4x vga ps/2 usb audio)
  • 1x DVI Umschalter 2x/4x
  • Beagle Board with DVI
  • Raspberry PI Model B (november realease?)
  • New Tables
  • ...