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Eigentümer: Metalab
Status: sort of working, training in progress
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Pick & Place Machine

Liteplacer Introduction Video

Metalab owns a Pick & Place machine which is mounted in the window aisle of the electronics room in the Whateverlab. This machine can be used to place SMT components on PCBs automatically. You can find a lot of information about the machne on the projects website.
The machine runs via OpenPnP, an Open Source SMT pick and place software.

PCB requirements

Not all PCBs are created equal. Some PCBs are more suited to component placement with this machine. The following information should help you to design PCBs suitable for automated placement of components.


Fiducial on a PCB

Fiducials are alignemt marks on PCBs. The standard for these is a 1mm copper circle surrounded by a 2mm soldermask opening. They are used for alignng your PCB via optical detection. For successfull operation there should be at least three, better four which are places in the corners of your PCB to get the best accuracy for the placement of components.



Standard operation procedure

The machine is best operated by followind these instructions:

  • TBD


Metalab will be buying the DIY pick&place machine shown in the video behind the link above for deployment in the Electronics Lab. Half of the machines price will be covered by donations. If you think that buying the machine is a good idea and/or want to contribute, here's the list to financially support it:

Name Amount Paid
anlumo € 50
redplanet € 42
consti € 100
Zwax € 50
ripper € 100
Herbert € 67
datacop € 75
chrysn € 75
pk € 49
Willi € 50
OE1OMA € 50
Your name here € 1.000.000
Total € 708 / 700 € 708 / 708