Phone booth inside

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Phone booth "insides"

Temporary SIP Servers (during parties, etc)

We are using a temporary SIP server running an entertaining PBX during ZeitmaschinenParty and made the following changes to switch from its normal VOIP account - see above - to an account on our server. Just revert server and outbound proxy servers, reset active states and set the default account to account #1 after your party.

SIP Settings

  • Change Registrar Server & Outbound Proxy Server: "" (normal mode) to the ip of your temporary SIP server.

SIP Account Settings

  • Default Account: Account 2
  • Account 1 Setting -> Active: disabled
  • Account 2 Setting -> Active: enabled
  • Account 2 Setting -> Display name: MetaLab Phonebooth
  • Account 2 Setting -> SIP user: [your-user]
  • Account 2 Setting -> Auth user: [your-user]
  • Account 2 Setting -> Auth pass: [your-pass]


A sensor light has been modified and complemented with a MOSFET and a relay to switch the fluorescent lamps of the booth. Light stops 30 sec after the last detected movement. outdated

New Light uses mains power.