Pen tron or pen snake

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Pen tron or pen snake
Gestartet: 29.07.2019
Involvierte: User:JoaK
Status: in progress
Beschreibung: A game for a HP7475A pen plotter
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 30.07.2019

Pen TRON or Pen Snake

A simple game for a HP7475A pen plotter. At the moment it supports only A3 paper format. More updates soon :)


Pensnake1.jpg Pensnake3.jpg Pensnake2.jpg

Current roadmap:

  • Support for A4 paper format
  • build a Nokia-styled keyboard as interface
  • Different speed (over time the game gets faster)
  • the field of play should get different shapes
  • obstacles

Current Ranking:

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joak 1971
redplanet 1021
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