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Gestartet: 21.01.2013
Involvierte: User:overflo
Status: in progress
Beschreibung: A Dome built from PVC elektro installation pipes.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.01.2013

Pvcdome buildup.jpg


A Dome built from PVC elektro installation pipes.

The connectors are made from 4mm Polypropylene, that was lazzzorcut.

Conclusio: Buildup is super fast, structure is stable enough to cover, but not stable enough to lean on to.

Some of the connectors broke during teardown.

We should make the connectors out of steel.

Size matters!

The pipe lengths are the following:

  • green: 119 cm
  • yellow: 141 cm
  • red: 144 cm

According to [1] it therefor has a diameter of about 7 meters.

CopyPaste of dome calculator output:

Height from base, m            4.16
Base radius, m                 3.44-3.45
Base area, m²                  36.20
Coverage area, m²              87.76

Sizes (units)          
    Faces                      2 (105)
    Edges                      3 (165)
    Vertices                   3 (61)

Beams 50x50mm          
    Total length of beams, m   226.40
    Total volume of beams, m³  0.56
    Max. beam length, mm       1423
    Angle between faces, °     165.54-168.64

    Min. height, mm            995-1232
    Max. side, mm              1412-1443


PVCdome on Github

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