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OpenMoko is a free phone (not as in beer) running linux, open software, open hardware.

Having three of the machines at the Metalab right now, one of them with a dev-kit, we should be able to "do some stuff"

Freerunner 10-pack

Torpor is going to order a 10-pack of the Freerunner next weeks (April/May 2008) which saves some bucks compared to the price of a single unit - if you want to participate, list your name here - in case there's no other info about you around, please also add your contact. It will cost about EUR 260 - 300. - the price is still to be confirmed.

Please note that the OpenMoko-Software is still beta and not "end-user-ready":

  1. Jaume
  2. pucktf
  3. Wizard23
  4. ra wont buy now - maybe later..
  5. beren
  6. gst (not sure)
  7. slite
  8. brezel
  9. konni

2nd Group

  1. colo
  2. LordVan (not 100% sure waiting for when it's really available and we know final price)

Already ordered one individually:

  1. miglincit - i have now ordered directly from pulster
  2. hjp - me, too

If you are interested in a group-order for a iGo Stowaway-Bluetooth-Keyboard for your Moko, and for any additional info and discussion about the 10-pack-grouporder, plz check/add comments on the Discussion-Page

CAD drawing of OpenMoko case