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OpenMoko is a free phone (not as in beer) running linux, open software, open hardware.

Having three of the machines at the Metalab right now, one of them with a dev-kit, we should be able to "do some stuff"

Freerunner 10-pack

Torpor is going to order a 10-pack of the Freerunner next weeks (April/May 2008) which saves some bucks compared to the price of a single unit - if you want to participate, list your name here - in case there's no other info about you around, please also add your contact. It will cost about EUR 260 - 300. - the price is still to be confirmed.

Please note that the OpenMoko-Software is still beta and not "end-user-ready":

  1. Jaume
  2. pucktf
  3. Wizard23
  4. ra waits until the Freerunner really is available.
  5. beren
  6. gst (not sure)
  7. slite
  8. brezel
  9. konni

2nd Group

  1. colo
  2. LordVan (not 100% sure waiting for when it's really available and we know final price)

Already ordered one individually:

  1. miglincit - i have now ordered directly from pulster
  2. hjp - me, too

If you are interested in a group-order for a iGo Stowaway-Bluetooth-Keyboard for your Moko, and for any additional info and discussion about the 10-pack-grouporder, plz check/add comments on the Discussion-Page

CAD drawing of OpenMoko case