OpenBio Codefest 2011

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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"… a great opportunity for open source bioinformatics developers to meet and work collaboratively. We hope to have developers from projects such as BioPerl, BioJava, Biopython, BioRuby, and EMBOSS in attendance. This is a follow-up to the extremely successful and fun Codefest 2010 in Boston."


The OpenBio Codefest 2011 Hackathon will take place two days before the BOSC 2011, the 12th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference 2011, a special interest group meeting preceding this years world's largest bioinformatics/computational biology conference ISMB/ECCB 2011 held at the Austria Center Vienna.