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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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* Food - Drinks - Bar ???
* Food - Drinks - Bar ???
* 24/7 Breakfast ???
* 24/7 Breakfast ???

Version vom 12. Mai 2013, 16:28 Uhr

Language: English

Orga for Leiwandville 4.0 at Observe Hack Make 2013

Orga Team

Orga Mailing List

hackercons@lists.metalab.at - for all orga topics.

Orga (et.al.) Meeting

Meeting: in some free corner @ the Metalab Proposed Date: add your name and/or another date - keep an eye on the page!

All interested parties are invited to throw-in their ideas. We'll consider ways and means regarding

  • transportation
  • infrastructure (village, tents, food, phonebooth, equipment)
  • projects, projects, projects
  • blingbling (art & beauty & light)
  • financing
  • 42 and everything

Construction Unit

Folks who like to help with the buildup of our village.

Who Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
AndiS  ? Probably 2nd Truck driver, let's see

Destruction Unit

Diese Liste ist für alle die beim Abbau dabei sein wollen.

Who Date Departing Transport Device Comment
AndiS  ?  ?


What. How. Finance......


  • Two tents from CCCamp2011 still available plus additions TBD
  • maybe, nice-to-have: Metadome


  • Food - Drinks - Bar ???
  • 24/7 Breakfast ???